Revolutionizing Longevity with Ahara through Personalized Nutrition

UI, UX, Strategy
Web, Mobile & Desktop Responsive App

Balancing Science and Accessibility

The challenge of designing Ahara lay in merging scientific depth with user-friendly accessibility, as well as incorporating gamification and retention strategies. It required translating complex epigenetic and nutritional science into easily understandable insights for users of all backgrounds, without compromising on accuracy or depth.

🧲 Marketing Website
🖥 Desktop Platform
📱Mobile App

Crafting Science-Backed UX for Ahara

Our design journey for Ahara began with thorough competitor research and user behavior analysis. We then refined our ideas through iterative wireframing, ensuring a seamless user experience. Delving into brand exploration, we crafted a visually compelling identity, capturing Ahara's essence through mood boards and typography studies. Each stage of our process was meticulously crafted to deliver scientifically backed insights and an engaging user experience.

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Transforming Health with Personalized Nutrition and Brand Excellence

Ahara now features a revolutionary, responsive app that has helped countless individuals uncover hidden health risks and receive personalized nutrition plans to reverse their biological age. Our design expertise ensured an experience that is not only clean, user-friendly and encourages users back into the app, but also embodies a strong brand identity, setting Ahara apart in the realm of personalized nutrition and health.

You guys are doing great work and so kind to entertain so many iterations
Emily Poplawski
VP of Product
Ahara Corporation
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