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Great design is never ‘finished’. It evolves constantly. Design systems and UI kits help keep your design efforts consistent, efficient, and ready for the future. We can build yours to fit your business vision and product development roadmap.


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Design systems and UI kits provide a single source of truth’ for your visual assets, components, and design language. They help you produce new designs quickly and consistently as your business scales. As a leading agency, we create bleeding edge design systems for our clients, and some of our UI kits are used by thousands of designers, like the one we built for Adobe.

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Bryan Johnson
Founder at 
The Orizon team a) has been an absolute pleasure to work with and b) done exceptional work. We gave them an impossible deadline, and even with that, they gave us more optionality, design iterations and degrees of freedom than could be reasonably asked for!
David Kalt
Founder, CEO of 
Working with Orizon was truly a delightful experience. From our kick-off meeting to our final delivery, Orizon has the creative depth to go from an idea to a fully packaged and branded deliverable. Their design commitment always focuses on brand and impact - which is very refreshing. On top of that, they are world class communicators which makes the process fun and non-intimidating.
Mark Solomon
Founder & CPO at 
The Orizon team is excellent. They put in an incredible amount of effort on our project and delivered something we're really happy with. Would highly recommend.
Dean Bloembergen
Cofounder & CTO at 
Could not be more impressed with Orizon!
Have worked with them for many projects now and am always blown away by their ability to bring our products to life.
Colleen Doll
Manager, Smart Spaces at 
"We had many detailed requirements for the new Telus Sky building which Orizon were able to easily meet. They developed an MVP of the kiosk that focused on the most important features first. This made our employees and guests very satisfied thanks to the improved support, engagement, and navigation their system brought us."
Christoph Rahe
Founder at 
Orizon did a fantastic job – They turned a highly complex product into a simple but premium user experience. We really loved how they fought for the best solution and due to the structured project planning and execution, we always had the feeling that this project will end with great results.

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Innovate design as fast as you innovate product. We can build your first design system, improve your current one, or design a UI kit that will support your product’s future for many exciting iterations to come.