E-commerce rebranding infused with behavioral psychology and a pinch of love, boosting cart conversion rate by 50%.

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We were approached by to rebuild their brand identity, take their design to the next level, and produce a delightful ecommerce experience. The result? A brand beloved by our client and their customers, with a 30% uplift in sign-ups and nearly +50% in cart conversion rate to prove it.


The Client

Based out of London, England, Love the Sales is a leading e-commerce marketplace that helps customers find the very best deals on the web. They partner with over 850 retailers across verticals, using AI to help them sell overstock faster than the speed of fashion.


The Problem

Love the Sales had an inconsistent brand. Different logos and colors created an unpredictable experience and diluted trust in what was otherwise a powerhouse in e-commerce innovation. Usability issues also peppered the website, hurting conversions and customer lifetime value.

A new identity

That people love

We revamped Love the Sales’ identity with streamlined brand guidelines, consistent assets, and a memorable logo that reflects their value proposition in a modern light. Customers immediately loved the new visual identity – nearly as much as they love, well, The Sales!
Aurelien Salomon
Founder & Lead Designer at Orizon
We wanted to step away from the cheap feeling of most deal & discount websites and create something aspirational instead.

The Orizon team is excellent. They put in an incredible amount of effort on our project and delivered something we're really happy with. Would highly recommend.

Mark Solomon
Founder & CPO at Love the Sales

A more engaging

Shopping experience

Ever the long-term thinkers, Mark and team wanted to increase sign-ups and delight customers into coming back and shopping more often. To achieve this, we infused the entire experience with the best and lastest in e-commerce behavioral psychology, eliminating sources of frustration, building trust, and facilitating decision-making at every step.
Category heuristics
Power of now
Social proof
Scarcity principle
Authority principle
Power of free


The checkout flow

Love the Sales was experiencing a high drop-off rate during checkout. We leveraged best-in-class design patterns, conversion rate optimization techniques and persuasion science to incentivize people to complete their purchase with minimal friction and mental workload required.

Design Systems

Scaling made easy

Consistent UI elements are key to a great user experience, and at Orizon we specialize in building design systems that will grow with our clients. Our team created reusable components for Love the Sales so they could easily tweak, optimize and scale in the future, on their own terms.


& Colors

Font family

The results

A huge impact

We helped LoveTheSales increase sign-ups and conversions by 30% on average. The brand now has a consistent image that people can trust and turn back to whenever they think “fashion sales.” We removed usability hurdles across the board and, to the engineering team’s great delight, delivered a future-proofed design system built for growth.
Increase in sign-ups
& conversion rate
Fixed consistency &
usability issues
Increase in Add to
Bag conversion
7M shoppers loved the
new brand & website

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