An elegant redesign tailored for biology & robots infused with magic, contributing to a $38m investment.

UI, UX, Strategy, 3D Animation
Web & Responsive

Biotech Brand Revolution

Vivodyne found themselves constrained by a basic templated website that barely scratched the surface of their diverse business attributes. This limited online presence was detrimental to their brand image and growth potential. Their aim was to establish themselves as a revolutionary biotech company and captivate the attention of investors, pharmaceutical CEOs, and researchers alike.

🔬 Biotech
🦾 Robotics
📊 Data Visualization

Boosting Engagement & Comprehension

To convey the breadth of their groundbreaking ecosystem, we  methodically presented their core product attributes in a format that highlights their unique interconnectedness, boosting comprehension and product knowledge for their audience. This strategic approach facilitated greater conversion by enabling pharma giants to envision the platform within their workflows.

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A $38M Breakthrough!

We helped Vivodyne establish a compelling online presence, pivotal in securing a remarkable $38 million for their groundbreaking platform. Vivodyne now boasts a visually captivating website thoroughly illustrating how their ecosystem revolutionizes the pharmaceutical industry. Through dynamic visual representations, immersive 3D animations, and creating a forward-thinking brand, Vivodyne epitomizes the future of biotech.

Everybody that's seen the website has said that it's hands down the best biotech website they've ever seen.
Sanja Menicanin
VP of Product Software
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