Kiosk experience

We were approached by TELUS to build a digital kiosk experience for the new TELUS sky building in Calgary, Canada. We designed the kiosk system to help employees find conference rooms, navigate the building seamlessly, and improve engagement.


The Client

TELUS is one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies based out of Canada. They offer a wide range of services for clients, including phone, television, and internet products. We met with the TELUS Sky team to better understand their needs and goals for this project.


The Problem

TELUS constructed a new building in Calgary, Alberta that combined futuristic workspaces with the comfort of a hotel. The 222m high and 761,325 sq ft building has conference rooms, commercial space, workspaces, and more. Employees and guests required a seamless way to navigate the massive space while having the tools to remain engaged.

Seamless navigation


We developed the kiosk experience to help employees find their way around the building, easily locate meeting rooms, and access useful data. The kiosk navigation also enables guests to view room availability, find specific people for help, and conveniently navigate throughout TELUS Sky.

We had many detailed requirements for the new TELUS Sky building which Orizon were able to easily meet. They developed an MVP of the kiosk that focused on the most important features first. This made our employees and guests very satisfied thanks to the improved support, engagement, and navigation their system brought us.

Colleen Doll
Manager, Major Projects and Smart Spaces at TELUS



We went a step further to explore ways for improving employee and guest engagement with the kiosk. This was done by providing metrics, data, and analytics for deeper insight into any part of the TELUS Sky. Energy consumption data, the latest TELUS news, and the art display are also easily accessible to create a delightful experience.

Modern experience

Visual direction

TELUS had many brand constraints that challenged us to build upon their identity and create something new. We pushed the visual direction of the kiosk by forming a modern interface that matched the TELUS Sky design. This also created the foundation of a future identity they can use for future projects.

Brand guidelines

Design system

We love building design systems that are robust and future-proof.
We always make sure to create reusable components that
foster a consistent user experience and make it easy for our clients to create new screens after the project.
Avenir Roman
Avenir Medium
Primary colors
Secondary colors

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