Revolutionizing lead generation for instantly attracting 20,000 new paid users.

UI, UX, Brand & Strategy
Web & iOS

Ambitious goals to become a prominent SaaS leader in the industry

The redesign of the instantly platform posed challenges, from confusing hierarchy and inconsistent branding to a lack of navigation clarity. The existing system lacked structure, making it tough for users to prfioritize actions. Adapting the lead inbox into a mobile app was a key hurdle, requiring a blend of user-centric design and tech innovation for a seamless, on-the-go lead status check.

🖥 Desktop Platform
📱 Native App
📢 Marketing Assets

Collaboration at core and outstanding delivery

The Instantly team embarked on a mission to elevate user engagement by amplifying sign-ups and delighting their existing users through a reimagined, streamlined, and effortlessly intuitive navigation experience. Our approach involved integrating cutting-edge SaaS product behavioural psychology to eradicate sources of frustration, foster trust, and seamlessly guide decision-making at every juncture.

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A New platform that +20,000 users loved!

Since undertaking the redesign of instantly's product, emphasizing simplicity and prioritizing user tasks, the company has experienced a remarkable surge of 20,000 new paid subscribers. This outstanding growth has translated into a substantial revenue boost of approximately $1 million.

Orizon went the extra mile by doing a lot of competitor research and proposing multiple different variations for every detail so we could always discuss what made the most sense at that time and go with the best option.
Reio Suun
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