Merging mechanical traditions with modern wearables, crafted for the North American market.

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The Challenge

Creek emerged as a collective of innovators with a solid track record of delivering cutting-edge wearable products within the dynamic Asian market. There was a disconnect between the Asian and North American consumer and their expectations from a wearable product experience. Creek is on a mission to revolutionize the wearable game by addressing the diverse expectations in both markets and set new standards for an unparalleled wearable experience.

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Our Process

We seamlessly fused Creeks technical expertise with our deep understanding of North American standards and preferences, guaranteeing success in their market launch.  To achieve this, we crafted a distinctive yet recognizable wearables experience tailored for their broad B2B model. Testing promising iterations and the incorporation of innovative concepts ensured the product remained at the forefront of modernity, embodying a sleek and scalable design.

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The Result

We helped Creek adapt to the North American market with a versatile wearables design system, a timeless collection of watch faces, and an established  brand identity that will inspire trust and resonate with North American consumers. Creek is now equipped with strategic resources needed to engage a diverse range of consumer preferences, from sporty and luxurious to artistic and playful. This comprehensive approach not only enriches Creek's product offerings but also positions them for substantial growth in the dynamic B2B market.

We were excited to see the design outcomes for the watch faces. They are some of the best watch designs we’ve seen!
Peyton He
Head of Product
Creek Wearable
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