Our 2024 Typography Trend Predictions

Type Trends of The New Year

Our 2024 Typography Trend Predictions

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Cover illustration by Brad Cuzen

As we step into 2024, a new wave of typography trends is making its mark, revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with brands. In this article, we’ll explore some of the exciting typography trends we think are set to dominate the realms of branding and UX/UI design this year.

Before we delve into the exciting typography trends we’re predicting to dominate this year, let’s take a moment to bid adieu to some styles that are gracefully stepping back. The era of overly ornate and overly scripted fonts is gradually fading, making room for cleaner, more functional alternatives. The days of overly decorative typefaces that sacrificed legibility for flair are giving way to a renewed focus on clarity and user-centric design.

Let’s jump into what we think we’ll see more of this year:

Variable Fonts

One of the standout trends for 2024 is the rise of variable fonts. These fonts offer a spectrum of possibilities by allowing designers to adjust weight, width, and even slant, all within a single font file. This versatility not only enhances creativity but also aids in creating seamless and responsive designs. Brands like Google and Apple have already embraced variable fonts to create unique visual identities that adapt effortlessly across various devices.

By Dingbat Co.

Retro Resurgence

In a world inundated with modern minimalism, there’s a charming resurgence of retro typography making its way into 2024. Nostalgia has a unique way of resonating with audiences, and brands are leveraging vintage-inspired typefaces to evoke a sense of familiarity. Picture the resurgence of classic serifs and Art Deco-inspired letterforms, injecting a touch of the past into contemporary design. This trend is a nod to the timeless, creating a bridge between the old and the new.

By Nozaracy

Expressive Serifs

Serif fonts are stepping into the spotlight with a fresh perspective. In 2024, designers are infusing serifs with a newfound expressiveness, breaking away from the traditional mold. These contemporary serifs maintain the classic elegance of their predecessors but incorporate playful and unconventional elements. Brands like Vogue and Airbnb are already utilizing expressive serifs to convey sophistication with a modern twist.

By Orizon Design

Custom Hand Lettering

As we navigate an increasingly digital landscape, there’s a growing appreciation for the artistry of hand lettering. Custom hand-drawn typefaces bring a touch of craftsmanship to digital platforms, adding a human element that resonates with users. This trend is all about creating a unique and personalized brand identity. Brands like Mailchimp and Dropbox have successfully integrated hand lettering into their logos, adding a bespoke touch to their visual language.

By Naufal Hafiizh

Oversized and Playful

In 2024, designers are embracing oversized and playful typography to capture attention and inject a sense of fun into user interfaces. Bold, exaggerated letterforms demand attention and create a memorable brand presence. From website headers to app interfaces, this trend is all about breaking the conventional mold and fostering a sense of creativity and playfulness. Brands like Spotify and Slack have adopted this trend, using oversized typography to enhance their brand personality.

By Dhefry Rezha ✱

As we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of design, typography continues to be a powerful tool for shaping brand narratives and user experiences. The trends of 2024 showcase a dynamic blend of tradition and innovation, breathing new life into the visual language of branding and UX/UI. Whether it’s the versatility of variable fonts, the nostalgia of retro-inspired typefaces, or the expressive nature of contemporary serifs, designers are pushing the boundaries and creating compelling, human-centered experiences through the art of typography. Embrace these trends, experiment with creativity, and watch as your brand’s story unfolds in the captivating world of design.

January 15, 2024

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