Reimagining Amazon’s  Visual Identity

Redesign Concept + AR/XR Experience

Reimagining Amazon’s Visual Identity


We're excited to share with you an exciting conceptual project we’ve been working on at Orizon. Exploring an updated brand, visuals design, UI/UX, App design, Web design, and even an AR/XR concept for Amazon that is sure to delight users. Check out the full concept on behance


Create a high-level visual concept anchored in a more modern approach. Incorporate colourful elements to forge a more vibrant and playful brand.

Simple UI

Embracing rounded elements to create an approachable brand. Exploring a lower visual density to streamline the xperience

AR & VR Shopping

Smart visual context to help preview your purchases but also recommend the best items

Mobile Redesign

A redesigned mobile experience to help find what you are looking for and preview it without the clutter

Logo Explorations

Transformative journey, infusing Amazon's core values of innovation, customer-centricity, and accessibility into a reimagined logo.

View the full case study on Behance

February 29, 2024

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